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(photo 2019.4.23) with frame
From left to right:
Pang, Wang, Nguyen, Nugraha
Saito, Shoufie, Pratama, Islam
Tian, Izumida, Sasaki

Science of Atomic layers


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  1. 10,000 citation for Nanotube Book! (2019.9.7)
  2. 55th FNTG Symposium (Sendai) HP open! (2018.5.14)
  3. Video for introducing Tohoku Univ. is on Youtube! (2018.4.5)
  4. Congratulations! Shoufie-san got Aoba-Rigaku-Sinkoukai Award!(2018.3.13)
  5. Congratulations! Naomichi Sato-san got FNTG Young Scientist Award!(2018.3.11)
  6. Congratulations! Haihao-san's paper is selected as JPCM 2017 highlight!(2018.2.9)
  7. Congratulations! Shoufie-san got JSAP Paper Award!(2017.9.5)
  8. Congratulations! Nguyen-san got Aoba-Rigaku-Sinkoukai Award!(2017.3.13)
  9. Congratulations! Our paper is selected as JPCM 2016 highlight!(2017.2.9)
  10. Earthquake: we are all safe. (2011.3.15).

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