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Since February 2014 CMPT group has a Cubex 3D printer.

How do we print using Cubex

  1. Download the manual in English or in Japanese
  2. Bring a USB memory that has .cubex file within it
    1. For example: you can download here
  3. Follow the manual to calibrate X, Y, Z position if necessary
  4. Follow the manual to install material cartridge
  5. Move the board as low as comfortable
  6. Paste glue onto the board
  7. Insert USB
  8. Press home to return the board to original position
  9. Print

How do we design a 3D model

  1. Download a 3D modelling software with output format .stl
    1. For example: Google sketchup with stl extension
  2. If the model is ready with .stl extension, use Cubex software to build .cubex file (Cubex ready print software)
    1. Download Cubex software here
    2. For example: try to build .cubex file using this stl file
    3. Follow this manual to build up the model

You can download the tutorial PPT file here

Team name + Member Name

  1. Team Dragon X (Fukutome Daiki + Nguyen Manh Huy + Itagaki Takumi + Kaneko Kenta)
  2. Team Disney (Kusahara Naoki + Hirayama Ryo + Nishida Tomoyasu + Kamakura Kentaro) We research how to use cubeX.
  3. Team Hukurai(Takeshi Egawa + Kota Orino + Ryouichi Yoshimura + Hokuto Higaki)We will explain about cautions when we use 3Dprosetter.

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