This is Ben's logbook for Nano Japan project from 2014.6.9-2014.7.31.

Daily schedule

Goal of the project.

Schedule for Discussion

10JuneTue09:00-10:00ShoufieMathematics : Differential Operator & Curvilinear Coord.
10JuneTue13:00-14:00ThomasDielectric Function of Free Electron Gas(B)
11JuneWed09:00-10:00Shirakura&InoueMaxwell Equation and EM Wave Function(B)
11JuneWed13:00-14:00HasdeoGraphene Band Structure
12JuneThu09:00-10:00NugrahaPlot and Programming (band structure)
12JuneThu13:00-14:00-Group Meeting
13JuneFri09:00-10:00MizunoProgramming with mathematica
13JuneFri13:00-14:00PouryaMathematics : ODE and PDE
16JuneMon09:00-10:00ShoufieDielectric function in Real Metals and Interband Transition(B)
16JuneMon13:00-14:00SiregarThe Wave Equation (Surface Plasmon Polariton) (TM,TE)(B)
17JuneTue09:00-10:00ShoufieSurface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) in Single Interface(B)
17JuneTue13:00-14:00ThomasSPP in Multilayer System(B)
18JuneWed09:00-10:00Shirakura&InoueElectrodynamics Problem Solutions
18JuneWed13:00-14:00HasdeoPrism Coupling SPP(B)
19JuneThu09:00-10:00PedroFinite element methods
19JuneThu13:00-14:00-Group Meeting
20JuneFri13:00-14:00ShoufiePlasmon Dispersion Multilayer
23JuneMon13:00-14:00ShoufieCoupling SPP using Total Reflection
24JuneTue13:00-14:00ThomasDrude Model of Conductivity
25JuneWed09:00-10:00Shirakura and InoueReflection and Transmission of EM Wave
26JuneThu09:00-10:00ShoufieCoupling SPP using Total Reflection
27JuneFri13:30-14:30ShoufieCoupling SPP using Grating or Corrugated Graphene

Questions and Answers

Question: Equations on Pukiwiki

Hello! I don`t need this information right away, but it might be useful in the future. How do you input equations and formulas into pukiwiki? I heard it is similar to Latex, but I`m not very familiar with Latex either. Thanks.

Answer: Equations on Pukiwiki


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