There may have several ways to install application software on PXE server. I am describing below about the procedure that I have followed to install program on PXE server those are accessible from PXE clients.

Installation on PXE Server

- For example, I have installed on PXE servers
- First download the source file (.tar file)
- Extract the file using "tar -zxvf filename"
- Enter to the directory that is created after extraction of the .tar file
- Run the executable file (./setup)
- Installation on Server is complete.
- The path "/opt/openofficce.org3/program/soffice" is for the executable file of It is noted that soffice is the executable file.
- Make a link to soffice from $PATH i.e from /usr/bin. For tha do the following
- cd /usr/bin
- ln -s /opt/openofficce.org3/program/soffice  soffice
- Run soffice (just type soffice on server)

Installation on PXE clients

- cd /nfsboot/root/opt
- cp -r /opt/ .
- cp -r /opt/openoffice.orgf3 .
- cd /nfsboot/root/usr/local/bin
- ln -s /opt/openofficce.org3/program/soffice  soffice
- * Complete *
- Enter any PXE client
- type soffice from any where

Note. tube30 and tube21 are PXE servers. So we have to do same thing for both servers.


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