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Saving Articles

GNUS provides four different formats for saving articles: Rmail format, Unix mailbox format, MH folder, and article format. If you set the variable gnus-default-article-saver to your favorite article saver, you can save an article using the command o (gnus-Subject-save-article) in your favorite format. The default saver is the function gnus-Subject-save-in-rmail.

Save the current article using the default saver specified by the variable gnus-default-article-saver (gnus-Subject-save-article).
M-x gnus-Subject-save-in-mail
Save the current article in Unix mailbox format.
M-x gnus-Subject-save-in-rmail
Save the current article in Rmail format.
M-x gnus-Subject-save-in-folder
Save the current article in an MH folder.
M-x gnus-Subject-save-in-file
Save the current article in article format.
| command RET
Send contents of the current article to the command subprocess (gnus-Subject-pipe-output).

If the variable gnus-save-all-headers is non-nil, all headers of an article are saved.

The variable gnus-article-save-directory specifies a directory in which articles are saved to by the functions gnus-Subject-save-in-mail, gnus-Subject-save-in-rmail, and gnus-Subject-save-in-file. It is initialized from the SAVEDIR environment variable. The default directory is `~/News'.

The variables gnus-mail-save-name, gnus-rmail-save-name, gnus-folder-save-name, and gnus-file-save-name specify functions generating default file name to which articles are saved using gnus-Subject-save-in-mail, gnus-Subject-save-in-rmail, gnus-Subject-save-in-folder, and gnus-Subject-save-in-file, respectively. The function is called with newsgroup, headers, and optional last-name.

See section Common Variables, for more information on customization.

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